Profiles San Decor (PVC panels San Decor)

PVC panels - inexpensive, practical and beautiful material, designed to provide your interiors, with extraordinary and distinctive ambiance. Decorating the home with the SAN DECOR panels will create a cosiness, aesthetics and ease.


Panels SAN DECOR - a popular modern decorative material, which has unique properties:




PVC panels SAN DECOR are made on the European equipment of European raw materials, according to all the environmental norms. In a complex it allows to receive qualitative and safe product.


Water resistance


Good moisture resistance makes it possible to use SAN DECOR panels for high humidity rooms: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and more.


Noise Isolation


Panels significantly reduce the noise level.


Easy to install

Installation of panels SAN DECOR does not require long, loud and dirty plaster works. By the speed and simplicity of installation, the PVC-panels of SAN DECOR are better than any other finishing materials. As a result, perfect surface levels hide all inequalities and communications.